Skulptur Meldorfer Schwung view into city center and cathedral top
Meldorfer Schwung / Meldorf swing

Stainless steel, 740 x 600 x 300 cm
Meldorf, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, DE

Meldorfer Schwung view train station

Meldorf swing

At the entrance to the city center stands a towering, lively sculpture.
It has different sized round openings that allow views through. These "bubbles" are reminiscent of rising air bubbles or the spray of the running water on the beach.
The sculpture was created from a single dynamic drawing gesture, its three-dimensional design allows it to appear in an infinite number of different forms, depending on the viewer's point of view. Two perspectives are particularly striking: on the one hand the inclination of the sculpture towards the city center, on the other hand the upper wave shape towards the train station.
From a certain point of view, it forms a kind of open gate that frames the entrance to the city center with the spire of the cathedral.

Meldorfer Schwung view into sky through 'bubbles'
"The sculpture delivers a clear, powerful sign and convinces as a spatial setting in relation to the proportion and extent of the square.
Today's interpretation of a city gate offers a clear orientation with a long-distance effect far into the city space and unfolds on site where there is space, namely in the air.
The self-confident appearance is pleasantly complemented by the elegant, curved shape and the perforation in the upper area. It suggests kinetics without moving.
The work promises a solid implementation with many possible associations up to the figurative.
The material stainless steel (V4A) is well chosen and takes up the high-quality design of the urban space."
from the assessment of the jury for awarding the prize

Assesment of the jury

Drawing from one single arm gesture
Swing Sketch

Graphit, Bleistift, Kohle auf Schoeller-Hammer
80 x 60 cm